About Hill Wilson


Hill Wilson Star Map was originally made as a tribute to a friend of ours that inspired us to go out and look at the stars. Over time, we realized that we can do more to serve his legacy. He was the kind of soul who would want people to be active, to engage with their scientific subjects and passions. And so, we hope to honor his legacy by using this website to share information of scientific merit to you all, be it with our eyes facing upwards to the heavens or by looking across our beautiful planet Earth.

As for us? This site is run by Sasha Cross and Ola Lopez. We both met Hill through our college studies and were close friends with him right up until the end. Through him, we created our own strong friendship, and all of us were able to forge our own place in the world that we were happy in.

We hope to keep that going.

Sasha works as a meteorologist, whilst Ola works as an astronomer. Neither of us feels as though we should limit ourselves to simply one or the other, or any particular area, as we love to learn and explore within every field of science. We hope to write a sizable amount of content about varying subjects, to share that fun and educational message with the world.

We hope Hill would look down from the stars and smile at us for this. In the meantime, we also hope you’ll enjoy what we write and get something from our blog.